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About BLASCrafter 2

BLASCrafter 2 is the easy way to find crafters on your world of warcraft realm. The realm database for recipes and characters consists of all uploaded user characters from, but you're although able to manually add characters from your realm.

Download: BLASCrafter 2 (Includes recipe lists)
Author: Nils *Shantalya* Ruesch &
Requires: Realm downloads

DOWNLOAD (Complete - Includes recipe lists)

Main window

General config

String config

Minimap icon config

Minimap icon


1. Search for recipes or contained materials
2. Output of armory and links for characters and recipes
3. If you open a linked recipe list ingame, characters will automatically be added to the associated recipes
4. You can manually add characters so single recipes
5. The recipe list contains following information: Minimum skill, minimum level, character count and if you have already learned it.
6. Character list is ordered by guild members and friends
7. You can directly whisper characters and ask them to craft the selected recipe. This text can be manually defined.
8. We've added a mini map button for easier handling
     8.1. Click left mouse button to open the BLASCrafter2 window
     8.2. Click right mouse button to open the configuration window
9. Configuration added
10. Configuration: You can define the whisper string text by yourself. There are several tags available, to add character name and recipe name automatically to it
11. Configuration: Define, if you want to add ingame linked recipe lists of other characters
12. Configuration: Mini map icon configuration
13. Configuration: Reset manually added data with one click

Download realm data files

Go to description

For your server the respective user data file is needed. It contains the recipe data of the characters uploaded by buffed users.

Save the downloaded file in the folder \Interface\AddOns\ in your World of Warcraft directory. Now unpack the respective file into the AddOns directory.

Unpacked: \Interface\AddOns\BLASCrafter2_Userdata_1\*.*
Afterwards this directory contains a file with the ending *.lua and *.toc

1. The comfortable way to get these files is our community software BLASC 2.
2. The server data will be updated once a day.

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