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Start Quests Unga Ingoo The Funky Monkey Brew

The Funky Monkey Brew

Level: 90

Paste the command in the chatline (Strg-V)

Pirates! Our shores have been scoured by the most ill-tempered, ill-mannered, ill-hygienic, and ill-good hozen that ever was found in Pandaria. And to make matters worse, they claim to serve the legendary Captain Ook!$b$bWe see them every night partying and brewing punch on their island Unga Ingoo.$b$b I say we take their brew for a change! I think I can even improve their mix.$b$bGather up some friends and meet me on the southern side of Unga Ingoo. It is time for a Brew Run!


Defeat Captain Ook.


You will receive:
  • 22 80


  • 17.110 experience or 7 at level 110
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  1. #4 BlackSun84 in January 2013
    Rating: 0   
    Hab auch erst überlegen müssen.^^
  2. #3 spacekeks007 in November 2012
    Rating: 1   
    Im dungeonbrowser szenario auswählen dann kommt man in nen random szenario und kanns irgendwann abschliessen
  3. #2 Psycholita in October 2012
    Rating: 1   
    die quest muss man im szenario abschließen... da muss man erstmal drauf kommen :O
  4. #1 Psycholita in October 2012
    Rating: 0   
    kann wer helfen? ich finds einfach nicht... -.-


• Type: Scenario
• Original name: The Funky Monkey Brew
• Requires level 90
• Faction: Both
• Difficulty:
• Quest series:
  1. The Funky Monkey Brew
• Start:
  Brewmaster Bo
• End:
  Brewmaster Bo

Krasarang Wilds

Unga Ingoo

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