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Start Quests Un'Goro Crater Carried on the Waves

Carried on the Waves

Level: 51

Paste the command in the chatline (Strg-V)

The Bloodpetals of Un'Goro have a fascinating life cycle.$b$bThese trees in front of us bear seeds that fall down into the river when they mature. The river's current then takes the seed north of here, where the seed hatches - almost like an egg - and a newborn Bloodpetal emerges.$b$bI require these seeds for my studies. Take this net, and use it to scoop up the bright orange seeds in the river. You'll have to hunt them down under the water.


Use Garl's Net to obtain 4 Bloodpetal Seeds.

Required items


You will receive:
  • 75


  • 7.070 experience
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  1. #4 Terrortron in March 2012
    Rating: 0   
    @ 1 THX! ^^hätt ich nie gefunden...
  2. #3 Kártöffèl in January 2011
    Rating: 2   
    Ambesten ein Makro machen...
    /target Blutblütensamen

    Dann evtl mitm Raid Mark marken ^^

  3. #2 Rygel in January 2011
    Rating: -1   
    LOL! besten dank! darauf muss man erstmal kommen !
  4. #1 heavenmeetshell in November 2010
    Rating: 1   
    Sind winzig kleine rote Kügelchen, die im Wasser von Süden nach Norden schwimmen im Fluss. Einfach in der Nähe von einem das Netz usen.


• Original name: Carried on the Waves
• Requires level 49
• Faction: Both
• Difficulty:
• Start and end:
  Garl Stormclaw

Un'Goro Crater

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