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Start Quests The Veiled Stair Educating Saurok

Educating Saurok

Level: 87

Paste the command in the chatline (Strg-V)

The Spring Road is under the protection of her ladyship, the esteemed Madam Goya.$b$bThe saurok of Hatescale Burrow northeast of here require "education" in this fact. We have warned them before but sadly they seem to have a very short memory.$b$bTravel northeast to this burrow and find their shaman leader. Eliminate him and you will have the gratitude of her ladyship. As well as an appropriate bounty.


Defeat Leechfingers.


You will receive:
  • 10 20


  • 13.140 experience or 13 at level 110
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  1. #2 AUT_Shorty_03 in November 2012
    Rating: 0   
    TomTom gerecht:
    /way Die Verhüllte Treppe 56 56 Höhleneingang
    In der Höhle erste Abzweigung halbrechts dann immer der linken Wand entlang.
    Saugfinger hat 644k Gesundheit
    Raus geht es am schnellsten, wenn man von oben gleich in die halb rechte Abzweigung springt und dann der rechten Wand entlang läuft.
  2. #1 ShootYourMum in October 2012
    Rating: 0   
    Höhleneingang genau bei den Koords 55,55.

    Etwas unterhalb der anderen Höhle.


• Original name: Educating Saurok
• Requires level 87
• Faction: Both
• Difficulty:
• Quest series:
  1. Educating Saurok
• Start and end:
  Len the Whisperer

The Veiled Stair

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