Start Quests Firelands Invasion Strike at the Heart
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Strike at the Heart

Level: 85

Paste the command in the chatline (Strg-V)

Kill the Lieutenant of Flame.


One of Ragnaros' Lieutenants has shown itself at Ragnaros' Reach. It is time to strike. Captain Saynna has requested that you be there to help see the fight through.

Witherbranch and some others will have joined the battle by the time you arrive. You should make haste to the northwest and find them.


You will receive:
  • 18 80
  • Mark of the World Tree (x3)


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    • Type: Daily
    • Original name: Strike at the Heart
    • Requires level 85
    • Faction: Horde
    • Difficulty:
    • Quest series:

    1. Strike at the Heart
    • Start:
      Shalis Darkhunter
    • End:
      Captain Saynna Stormrunner

    Molten Front

    Mount Hyjal

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