Start Quests Kun-Lai Summit Round 3: Master Boom Boom
Charakter auswählen

Round 3: Master Boom Boom

Level: 90

Paste the command in the chatline (Strg-V)

Your next challenger found his strength on a beach. Particularly in a box labeled "dynamite."

He proves however that found strength can be as deadly as personal strength.

When you are ready, face this Master Boom Boom in the Western Arena.
  • Defeat Master Boom Boom


Defeat Master Boom Boom.


You will receive:
  • 11 40
You shall be granted the title:
  • Master Sergeant <Name>
  • Valor Points (x5)
  • Lesser Charm of Good Fortune (x2)


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    • Type: Daily
    • Original name: Round 3: Master Boom Boom
    • Requires level 90
    • Faction: Both
    • Difficulty:
    • Quest series:
    1. Round 1: The Streetfighter
    2. Round 2: Kang Bramblestaff
    3. Round 3: Master Boom Boom
    4. Round 4: Master Windfur
    • Start and end:

    Kun-Lai Summit

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