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Search the Bole

Level: 23

Paste the command in the chatline (Strg-V)

I wish your tidings were better.

Raene is correct, I know about Dartol's creation and the treants in the area--at least I did once. They've become corrupted now, their nature twisted.

To find the next piece of the rod, you'll have to find the key to open the chest it's in.

The wooden key is on one of the treants northeast of here near the Felwood border, at the Howling Vale. Once you have it, look for a small glade through the tunnel at the vale. The chest should be hidden around there.


Find the Wooden Key and use it to obtain the Iron Shaft portion of Dartol's Rod.

Required items


You will receive:
  • 15


  • 1850 experience or 11 40 at level 90
  • 250 reputation with Darnassus
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    • Original name: Search the Bole
    • Requires level 21
    • Faction: Alliance
    • Difficulty:
    • Quest series:

    1. Search the Bole

    2. Dartol's Rod

    • Start and end:
    • Objectives:
      Iron Shaft


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