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A Fizzy Fusion

Paste the command in the chatline (Strg-V)

I'm sure you've made a lot of potions in your time as an alchemist. How would you like to help with something a bit more light-hearted?

I've always wanted to try creating a fruit-flavored version of our popular fizzy drinks. If you're willing to give it a try, you can buy some of the base drink from me and mix it with some moonberry juice.

Any innkeeper in Elwynn Forest or Mulgore should be able to sell you enough juice to make your creation.


Use the Cocktail Shaker to combine Moonberry Juice and Fizzy Faire Drink to create 5 servings of Moonberry Fizz.

Required items


  • 80 experience or 18 28 50 at level 110
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  1. #2 Parlator in April 2012
    Rating: 1   
    Zum annehmen der Quest ist eine Berufsfertiggkeit von mindestens 75 erforderlich.
  2. #1 data_xxl in December 2011
    Rating: 4   
    - 5x mondbeerensaft besorgen,
    - beim q-geber 5x Prickelndes Marktgetränk kaufen
    - 5x auf das q-item klicken


• Original name: A Fizzy Fusion
• Requires level 1
• Faction: Both
• Quest series:
  1. A Fizzy Fusion
• Start and end:


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